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The Delights of French Cuisine

Those individuals who have been privileged enough to visit the charming country of France will no doubt have enjoyed the delights of French cuisine. There is something special about their food, produced by the most talented chefs, who genuinely care about getting the best from local produce. Food is part of the culture and heritage of France and admired the world over. Here are three popular dishes. And don´t forget - you can also order French cuisine online and play online games for fun by clicking here while you wait for delivery!

Coq au Vin

Chicken is, of course, the star of this dish, braised with bacon, mushrooms, garlic, onions and not forgetting a whole bottle of fruity red wine. The name of the dish translates as rooster in wine, and typically, an older, tougher chicken is used for maximum flavor.

Boeuf Bourguignon

This quintessential French dish comes from Burgundy, hence its name, and is renowned in French restaurants all over the world. It is ideal for using cheaper cuts of beef and includes mushrooms, pearl onions, beef broth and red wine.


This tasty pastry dish may not be so familiar, as it has its origins in northern France. It is similar to a quiche, with the puff pastry crust filled with vegetables, cheese and cream. The traditional recipe uses leeks, but there are numerous variations.

Other famous dishes include salade Nicoise, Tarte Tatin and soupe a l'oignon, all recommended for their rich, delicious flavors and a taste of France. It is undoubtedly worth exploring the different regions of the country as each will have its own particular speciality.